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We are thrilled that the beautiful new Urban Outfitters store just opened its doors at Park Royal. To get to know a bit more about the store, we sat down with Caitlin McMurray, the Store Merchandiser for the Park Royal location.


Who: Caitlin McMurray

Hometown: Coquitlam

Current Location: Vancouver

Day Job: Store Merchandiser at Urban Outfitters Park Royal

What does that entail: I style the mannequins, take care of the window displays and work with setting up the product in the store.

Daily Threads: Black skinny jeans and black ankle boots paired with a leather jacket, usually topped with a giant scarf.

Relationship with Park Royal: I just started working here, so it’s a new relationship! But it’s been a cool place to discover – the shops and cafés are great.

Shoes or Handbags: The shoe completes the outfit. I especially love Dolce Vita or Sam Edelman booties.

Eyes or Lips: Eyes. I never leave the house without liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Paris or New York: I can’t wait to visit New York!

Man Repeller or Simcerely Jules: Man Repeller

Best thing about Vancouver: The best thing about Vancouver is how close downtown and the outdoors are. It takes no time to be walking along the Seawall or hiking on the North Shore. Also, the diversity that all the different neighbourhoods bring.

I’m Dying To Go To: Any city during their Fashion Week!

Someone I’d like to Share a Conversation with: David Bowie or Mick Jagger. Someone who would have many good stories to tell.


What goes behind styling the windows? We are given a concept theme to build from (right now it’s Bohemian). I then style the windows to suit the market. It works because it’s a cohesive theme amongst the brand, but all designs are individual to the store, which is more fun and relevant to the location.

How often are you given themes? The store theme changes once a month – however we change our windows weekly.

How do you gain inspiration? We receive books with inspirational images and go to websites like Pinterest and follow Instagram bloggers.

Who is the ‘Park Royal’ customer? More mature than our other locations, generally 20’s and up. We do get Highschool students as well, but not as frequently. It’s early days so it will be interesting to see how the Park Royal customer evolves.

Who is the Urban Outfitters Customer? Someone that is very creative, free spirited looking for one-of-a-kind items in their home and wardrobe. We carry everything here from Mens, Woman’s and Home. You can develop a lifestyle around Urban Outfitters.

Can you describe the design process for the Urban Outfitters Stores? We have our own design team. No Urban Outfitters has the same design elements throughout. For example, all the UO in Vancouver are different but still have that industrial feel.

The cash wrap at the Park Royal Store is unique isn’t it? It is a piece of art, with wood triangles and rich colours. We also have another great installation by the elevator with more triangles, lights and different textures. These pieces are great and unique to Park Royal.

When does Spring activate in store? Right after the holidays. Right after the holiday’s it’s like ‘get the spring clothes out’. A big push of inventory will start to come in the next three weeks. It’s nice to see the sale merchandise gone. Out with the old and in with Spring – it’s refreshing!

What are some words of advice for someone that wants to become a merchandiser? There are two approaches: Go to school for it or choose a retail company you like and work your way up like I did. Put the time in. Work really hard at it and don’t be afraid to be vocal. Let your manager and everyone know it’s what you want to do.


First word related to park royal: Community

Something I’d like the readers to know: Everyone in our store is so excited that we are open and a part of Park Royal! We can’t wait to become better acquainted with our neighbours and potentially do some amazing joint events in the future!

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