We had the pleasure to sit down with Shannon Bosa Yacoub, co-founder of the Glowbal Group, the company that owns Trattoria here at Park Royal that opened last Spring.


Trattoria has been open since May 2014. It’s an airy space with lots of natural light. Being on the corner, with views of Marine Drive, lends a nice hustle and bustle feel to the space. Our rooftop patio is such a nice space. Such a unique dining experience at Park Royal to be able to sit above all the shops and enjoy the setting


Name: Shannon Bosa Yacoub

Day Job: Mom & Restaurateur

Relationship to Park Royal:

Park Royal has been around since I was a little kid. I remember when there was an Eatons and a Super Value…when a movie theater and bowling alley stood where the Village stands now.   I’ve watched it change and grow but it still remains a focal point of West Van and where I go for all my needs.

Hometown: West Vancouver

Current Location: West Vancouver

Daily Threads:

If it’s an office day….jeans, boots and a blazer. Casual days….jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.


Have you always wanted to open a location in West Van? We’ve talked about opening for a long time. It was always a matter of location. Park Royal has really become the hub of everything. There’s us, there’s Cactus Club, there’s Milestones, even Whole Foods is open later.

We’re happy with the spot, and very happy to be there. Life is timing and locations are timing – when the stars align and it comes together – that’s how that all worked out.


Is the food at Trattoria specific to any one region in Italy? No, it’s not regional. The main premise of what Trattoria is all about – family style dinning. Easy, casual, rustic Italian. Nothing that’s fancy, very approachable and anything that’s fresh. Minimal, simple ingredients – what you would find in an Italian kitchen. 

What is the atmosphere that Trattoria offers its guests? It’s an every day, casual feel. With the Trattoria concept – we are looking to put them in neighbourhoods. You’ll see a wide range of people from students, to couples, to families, seniors, girlfriends, or guys – whoever can just come in. You don’t have to dress up and feel like you have to go downtown.

Is this a different demographic than your other restaurants – like for example Black & Blue? It’s the same customer but meeting their needs for their everyday. Where Black & Blue is for evenings, weekends and special occasions, like some of our other concepts as well.

Can you describe that customer? The age demographic really varies from early 20s up to 55. When we do a survey and look at it, the median range hits around 35-40 ish – I think a reason for that because [it’s mine and my husbands’] age group.

When we first started the Glowbal Group, I was in my mid 20’s and that was the group that was hanging around. We’ve all grown up together and our customers have been loyal for years.

Our customers always have the expectation of quality, service, and value. A lot of the people who come through Trattoria are people who have not even gone to Glowbal and some are not even familiar with the Glowbal brand. It’s let us hit a different sort of clientele.

A large amount of people who travel to Park Royal from places like Burnaby, North Vancouver, and Coquitlam, wow – it’s great. It’s become a destination – a special place.

Having grown up in West Van – is this a special place for you to have a location? It’s so nice – not only because it makes it very easy for me on nights I don’t want to make dinner – I can just roll up to the front door. I’ve never felt more accountable with a location than I have for Trattoria because its in my neighbourhood. I feel very personally responsible – not that I don’t for the other locations but here I walk through and sometimes there’s 15 tables of people I know (people from school, friends, woman from pharmacy, etc). It feels very personal. I’ve never felt such an attachment as I do to this spot.

What is your favourite dish on the menu? I really like our Carbonara – I don’t eat it that often, but it’s really good.

Is there something you want the Park Royal Customers to know? I want them to try the Carbonara, and the Burrata is SO good – the burrata cheese is a life changer.


Shoes or Handbags: Both – Equal Fetish.

Eyes or Lips: Eyes

Paris or NY: NY

Man Repeller or Sincerely Jules: Neither. The only blog which I consistently follow is They All Hate Us.   I like Tash Sefton …..she always looks effortlessly cool and polished.


Best things about Vancouver: My entire family lives here. The ocean. The mountains. It’s beautiful and calm.

I’m dying to go to: Dubai

Someone I’d like to share a conversation with: I’d love to have dinner with Bill Clinton. I imagine him to be charming, witty and full of the most amazing stories.

First word when I think of Park Royal: Trattoria!! And I’m very excited about the Loblaw City Market coming to Park Royal.


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