Consumer Update – New Precautions Taken

West Vancouver. Further to recent incidents of tampering with Debit Card Terminals at Park Royal Shopping Centre, The Management of Park Royal Shopping Centre would like to take this opportunity to inform customers of steps that are being taken by both the Management as well as retailers of the shopping centre to combat Bankcard Fraud and protect our customers.

In a number of stores PIN pads are being replaced by the Interac Service Provider to ensure that all transactions occur through uncompromised technology. In addition look for PIN pads that are secured to countertops using lockboxes or other similar mechanisms to ensure that PIN pads cannot be removed or tampered with. Another important step that retailers are taking involve checking the serial numbers of the PIN pads throughout the day to ensure that the equipment has not been switched. Stickers and other identifiable markings are also being placed on PIN pads for easy recognition.

Quarterly seminars are offered to all retailers of Park Royal Shopping Centre in conjunction with the West Vancouver Police on topics ranging from counterfeit currency to credit card & PIN fraud to shoplifting.


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